Data Center Failures

It is important be aware of reasons a Data Center can fail or cause some malfunction cos it can cause you serious frustration and problems. If you are aware of the failures you will also become familiar how to solve and what to do when under attack. Sites retrieved data from Data Centres more then they retrieve from the computers running online, it becomes important that the Data Centers keep running. If a Data Centers goes down computers which earlier retrieving data from the data center from all over the world goes down. This is one of the worst ill-effects for your business, you may loss a great sum of money as well as your reputation. There may be many reasons why a Data Center fails or start’s malfunctioning. Some of them are:

Wear Out‘ Phase – A time when a Data Center approaches its end of its life that phase is called ‘Wear Out’ phase. Care and regular maintenance only add to its woes making it more slow and all the major parts finally stops working. If you look forward to avoid the tragedy which can be caused by the wear put phase start monitoring systems regularly.

Wear In‘ phase – Opposite to the Wear Out phase this phase dealts with the start of a Data Center. Many things may when they try to be fully operational. Start of the machines should be gradual, slow and with minimal use. It needs complete testing as to fix a problem system usage shouldn’t cross the barrier and became a problem itself.

Generators are often termed as heart of a Data Center, as 100% power can’t be possible 24×7. So when power goes out generators came in action. But if the generation goes out everything goes out.Metal Whisker – Most of the Data Center have the center hardware placed on metallic surfaces, this increase a possible threat of Metal Whiskers ( spontaneous growth of tiny hairs on metallic surface). These whiskerrs can cause short circuits in Data Center, which are more severe then virus for a computer system. These whiskers depends on the metal used for the base, as zinc will cause zinc whiskers, silver for silver whiskers and gold of gold whiskers. Solution for this problem is installing large fans at the base that will suck these whiskers. Other solution is replacing a the base material with some other material which is whisker proof. However the second one can cost you much as zinc tin e.t.c. Are traditional Data center base materials and replacing them is not a good idea.

Keep these faults in mind while working with a Data Center and be prepared for them. Prevention is better then cure.

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Data Centre Disaster Recovery Plan

You never know when a disaster can ruin your business plans and future, specially when your business data is stored in a Data Center or Colocation Center. Not looking for a data center disaster recovery plan. Many of us believe that a disaster is the least thing which will happen to us. Other point is we feel that we don’t rely much on soft data. Most of us who are not aware of the working process of a Data Center think that a data center disaster recovery plan is not at all practical. Below are few of the points which will make you to focus on the fact that Data Center Recovery Plans are indeed practical.

  • File Security: Confidential or top secret files needs security and safety. Viruses and Worms threats act as the biggest threat to these files, not only slowing your business but also affect the output quality. Solution is of you have computer backup in the Data Center you will not have to worry about these problems. Computer backup system will save your files from worms or viruses attacks and also restore corrupted files. Thus allowing your business to keep going with your quality of production.
  • Affirmation: If your customers are aware of the fact that their data will be safe in data center they will be happy to do business with you. A Data center disaster recovery plan will not only help you to be loyal to your existing customers but it will also be helpful as a major selling point to new clients looking to expand their business.
  • If Disaster Strikes: You will be extremely happy to know that your data is safe with backup on online computers, when the data center is hit by a natural disaster. All of your lost data will be restored as soon as possible.
  • Savings: Yes that is true, bucks loosed while registering for a data center disaster recovering plan are much less than what you may loose if your data is destroyed in a natural disaster.
  • Potency: Potency of your work will be boosted with the help of computer backed systems as these systems will quickly restore the damaged and deleted files. These backed systems are so quick that they barely five a chance to the customers to notice the change.

DisasterRecovery 2

So, next time when you are registering with Data Center services provider, make sure they have Data Center Disaster recovery plan to make sure your data is safe even in a natural disaster.

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What is a Colocation center?


Colocation Center is a type of data center. Sometime Colocation Centers are also known as Carrier Hotel. Here customers look for server, storage and network. Colocation Centers also help customers to connect with other network providers. Why Colocation Centers are love all over the world is because of the fact that they offers their services with least complexity and on very less price. You will get most of the NAPs (Network access point) facilities. All the Colocation Centers are heavily guarded because of the information and the vital data stored in the racks. Physical security is very high in the Colocation centers. Most of the colocation centers allow a PIN code system to the customers so they can access into the building. Many other use Biometric system like voice recognition and fingerprints. Cooling is one of the most important part of Colocation Centers. Computers and other telecommunication equipments need continues cooling and their performance deteriorates according to the tempearture. For the best performance they need a stable temperature. Popularity of colocation centers is increasing on an exponential rate because of the fact that it saves a lot of time and money to company because of a shared data centre infrastructure. Many colocation centers hace large colocation facilities ranging from 40000-100000 square feet. When all your communication and IT facilities are secure and safe, you can focus on core business.

Data Center services or Colocation service providers are easily recognizable because of the large amount of cooling equipments installed on the roofs of the Colocation Centers. Other features which will help you to recognize a colocation center are as follow:

  • Cooling or Air Conditioning is one of the most notable feature which will help you to recognize a colocation center. ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) recommends a humidity range of 40-60% and a temperature range of 20-25 Celsius as the optimal range for the performance of electronic equipment. Any temperaure or humidity more than that will result in the damage of the electronic components. Electric power used by the electric component is converted into heat, which is in turn is rejected to the ambient air in the data center space.
  • Very few or less windows.
  • Racks used are of two different size 23-inch racks for telecom equipment and 19-inch racks for data equipment.
  • Fire can be dangerous threat for a Colocation Center, so fire protection is yet another important part of a colocation center. Fire protection system includes active and passive design elements. Smoke detectors are the most common part of a fire protection system.

server colocation

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