Reduce Risk while Building a Data Center

Data Center services are very important in this jet age, when almost every business is linked to each other through internet. Not only did Data Centers house your center business, store digitized information, keeps customer transactions, but environmental and telecommunication control of your business is controlled by Data Centers. Modern Day Data Centers have many roles to play so be careful while building one. Some areas where you have to be most careful are:

  • Wrong evaluation of IT equipments — while purchasing IT equipments for the Data Center be careful and decide properly which equipments you really need. Best is hiring a consulting specialist who will help you in determining the best equipment for your Data Center. Your equipment should not only be compatible with current requirements of your business and what you may need in future.
  • Inexact power density level — Power density stands for the amount of power which have to be supplied per server rack. Power Density plays an important role in Data Center as it help in determining the power and Cooling level required. Accurate power density should be determined per rack and completely different from power usage of the entire server room.
  • Data Center capacity overloaded — Data Center services are serving as a essential part of the current day businesses and they are expensive as well. Before building make sure what are the needs of your business right now and what they will be in future as your business grow. Before getting into business use proper analytical tools which will help to determine what your needs are, past experience is also helpful. Virtualization is attracting nearly every business in the world, cash in the benefits of virtualization as more and more companies want go along with virtual data centers.
  • Standardization with Growth —  in the Data Centers industry it is important for you to adapt with the growth of the industry. Its the standardized components which will cast your business into a successful mould, which is get accustomed to your success and growth. If you equipments are not upto the standard of the current industry demands, it becomes incompatible and you will loose business as well as reputation because of the resulting downtime and other errors.

Take these points into consideration when you are going to build a Data Center. When Building a Data Center avoid unnecessary expenditures and equipment, personnel who are not experts.

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Reduce Power Consumption in Data Center

In the complex business problems in the IT smaller problems often goes unnoticed, one of such problem is Power Consumption. Power Consumption is a small problem, still its an area which needs improvement. “Energy Conversation” is one of the most recognized phrase in every industry. It is simple and easy to implement strategies and can result in immediate savings for any kind of business. Most important if all “Power Consumption” is total free of the modern day technology features, its simple traditional ways of saving energy. So here goes some of the ideas will help you:

  • Appropriate Humidity and Temperature —  it’s the correct temperature and humidity which decides the proper airflow in the server rooms of Data Center. Many people are living in the misconception that serve rooms should be cold for the best output of the machines and also very less monitoring should be done. Thermostat is the only temperature sensor device in many Data Centers. Its good to keep the servers rooms cool but not below the room temperature of the whole site. Best suited temperature for the server rooms is between 65 to 75 Degrees. Very often temperature is lowered to 65 degrees in many Data Centers, but its not suggestible. Computer equipments work properly only in a particular temperature range. For keeping the Data Center warmer by a single degree can save upto 5% of power consumption. There are some machines which works in rather higher temperature ranges say upto 95 Degree, but most of them works in lower ranges. Overheating of the machines can damage them and can cause the expected downtime, which is definitely not good for your business. Other problem that can arise from lowering the temperature below the range is  increase in Humidity levels. Best suiting humidity for a Data Center ranges between 45%-55%. Too much cooling can increase humidity and thus leading to condensation which further causes hardware failure. If you want to detect humidity and temperature throughout the Data Center, you will have to install proper sensors. To ensure all equipments are working properly, sensors should be installed throughout the Data Center. One of the detectors suggested is CRAC units which not only works for longer periods also they consume very low power.

Perforated tiles-1

  • Hot or Cold aisle — its is suggested to configure your computer equipments in either cold or hot aisle in a Data Center. Hot or Cold aisle layout supports proper flow of cold or hot air, overall reducing the work of HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition) cooling system and equipments. In these layouts servers are placed facing each other in pairs, back of one pair of server face the back of the other pair. All the computers and other equipments are made in such a way that cool air enters from the front part and leaves from the back of the equipment. Placing servers facing each other promotes the flow of cool air from the front and flow of warmer air from rear parts of the racks. Hence this process is called “cold” aisles and “hot” aisles. Using the properties of both hot and cold air hot and cold aisles reduce the work, which other mechanism  do with the help of power consumption. In other mechanism every time when hot and cold air is blended together, heavy work has to be done by the internal cooling machines and CRAC units. Computers which are not able to inhale cool air from front, should be placed away from the racks. They have to be installed in such a way that direct warm air wear out toward hot aisle. Other option is using special cabinets which are capable of redirecting either side ventilated or top wear out of the rack.

Raised Floor-2

  • Circumvent Air — any air conditioned air that is not utilized by the server equipment is called Circumvent or Bypass air. Bypass air leads to airflow inefficiencies inside the layout of the Data Center. Air is ascended through pierced tiles on the ground. Often Bypass air enters through small irregularities in the floor, like holes created to permit network or electric wires. If possible keep these holes sealed to minimize the effect of the bypass air. One more place other than the floor where you can find bypass air is cut-outs on the back of the server cabinets. Cable wires which escape from the rear of the cabinets should be sealed properly.
  • Floor Tiles — Cold Aisles require perforated or punctured tiles to promote the flow of air from the floor to the servers. These perforations take advantage of the property of cool air and reducing the work of HVAC units. On the other hand Hot aisles don’t need these perforations as warmer air which returns to the air condition ducts is not disturbed. When the machinery is moved in the Data Center respective grates is the clod aisles should also be moved to support the free flow of the cooler and hot air at maximum intensity.

Bypass Air-3

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Why Colocation Hosting is Beneficial

Colocation Servers and Dedicated Server are completely two different scenarios. While a company owns a Dedicated servers and in its you who owns a Colocation Server. Below given are few points which will try to cover the advantages or benefits of Colocation Hosting.

  • Reliability –  life of a Hardware is well supported by the good power conditions, climate controlled environment. Colocation Hosting offers reliable hosting with clean, consistent and uninterruptible power with the help of generators, multiple power grids in combined with one another, and best maintenance.
  • Independent Location –  Data Centers are not easily build and needs heavy expenses and time. Also you have to pay the staff who will control your Data Center. If you have a small business best option for you is Colocation Hosting.
  • Ease In Connectivity –  There is no share in bandwidth as you are Colocating. Other resources including hardware and RAM are also not shared thus allowing your server to run at highest capacity. Colocation companies offers high bandwidth and redundant Internet connections, making your information readily accessible to your customers according to their demand. Speed of the Colocated server will be higher because of the high bandwidth and therefore your customers will enjoy a quick response increasing your reputation.
  • Savings –  If your server demands in-house requirements then it will cost you a lot. A lot of money has to invested in internet connectivity, personal maintenance and other facilities. Companies which provide Colocation servers already made the investment in the field and you can concentrate your money on other serious purpose.
  • Flexibility – Once you sign up for Colocation servers, you can easily upgrade your resources as your business grows. Thus making Colocation greatly flexible.

Above given points are enough to make you feel the advantages of Colocation servers.

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Colocation Hosting

Colocation servers Hosting is one of the most love hosting plans of the modern times. In a Colocation Hosting multiple customers locate servers, storage and networks to telecommunication providers and various other network service providers and likewise reducing cost and complexity. Data Centers should be monitored throughout the year. All of your systems should be placed in a Data Center with appropriate cooling and filtering systems, proper options to work even in the case of power failures. It should be strong enough to face natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Colocation is highly flexible option for both small and large buisnesses. Not just being flexible Colocation Hosting is cost-effective and best solution for your buisness. With Colocation servers Hosting as the option you can excel world leading buisnesses. Whether you owns private dedicated server or just a single rack make sure the Data Center they are placed are well managed and secure. Also make sure there are no issues of cross connection fees, since many times the servers is hosted with one and internet connectivity is provided by someone else. It is the resposible of the host to provide uninterrupted connectivity and that should be without any major disturbance. Colocation facilities majorly use two kind of dedicated cooling systems CRAC (Computer Room Air-Conditioninf Units) units and chillers. CRAC is a system which controlles air-conditions and ask them to never stop. Continuously working servers can heat up a thousands square foot of room only in minutes. CRAC units prevent heat buildup server rooms by continuously cycling. Chiller system is somewhat traditional way of cooling with lots of pipes circulating chilled water throughout the server rooms.

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Importance of Backup Plan

All the large businesses and companies have large number of clients and customers. When you are operating large number of clients, first thing that comes to your mind is backup for all customer database because if you loose that you will loose everything. Every document of your company should be protected and backed up. If some unexpected disaster strikes and you lost of data, this may result you pay huge amount of fine to your clients.

Instead of paying a thousand of dollars registering with disaster recovery plan which will make virtual copies of your files. Another way of not loosing your data is to have complete recovery of an entire technology infrastructure. However this plan can cost you a lot of money and can only be used in most serious case. In such case everything is recovered hardware, data, IT equipments, application and communications.

This whole procedure takes a lot of time and it is not possible for the companies which works round the clock and consistently. To solve the problem, most of the companies have their own Data Center, all the Data is protected and kept safe. Data Centers are mostly located in the outskirts of a city away from the traffic and chaos of the main city. Data Centers are heavily monitored and protected since most of the companies depend on them considerably.

Building material of a Data Center should be strong in order to stand still against the most fearful natural threat earthquakes and also other serious threats like bombs and weather condition. In recent years not just bigger companies but smaller ones keep backup data for their clients. If your company survives after loosing data in some disaster consider yourself in the list of lucky ones. Some time back a survey showed that only mere 6% companies which lost data in some kind of disaster continues in business.

43% failed even to open again and 51% were closed after two years. Initially you feel that a data recovery plan will cost you some extra bucks, but later on you will this save from alot of expenditure that could be a lot more then what you have invested.

Backup plan

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