Probably many of them are worried about the choice of host at the first time, thought about how to determine the optimal solution for small money. Why the best? Yes, because clients almost always simply overpay for absolutely unused technology, and sometimes vice versa.

Consider the following situation. You are in conjunction with the development team decided to create a large-scale portal about real estate. Business plan is ready, carefully studied the draft with the programmers and designers, and most importantly, you picked great domain name that a miracle had not yet occupied. Well, not a sin at once is not “stake out”, and along with hosting a portal developed for at least a year. The result is that the hosting service is selected, and like good, with several GB of disk space, PHP, Perl, CGI.

A couple of weeks, the project finally set up and successfully running on the local server, we can and move on server hosting provider. While it appears that the author of CMS only works only under PHP5, and server software boasts a host with the old Fourth Edition. In addition, developed a business plan assumes an active advertising and attendance at six thousand hosts per day over 3 months already, and pre-ordered tariff, as it later turns out, is characterized by severe restriction of traffic to 3Gb per month.

Every exceeded GB is charged separately. It is in order, so you do not accidentally become hostage to a similar situation, choosing a dedicated hosting provider should be taken seriously.

Telling truths about how to make a site or pour it on the server, we will not, because this is a topic for another article. Instead, we will analyze in what was the stage of designing a website, whether it’s largest online store or a one-page business card site, should determine the requirements for hosting provider, and is already directly after this process the application for the calculation of the cost of services.

So, first of all, we should define the scope of the project and at least roughly estimate the amount of disk space that is needed for the site. For example, if you create a site-user, 50-150 MB, it will be more than enough, if it comes to the online store of major domestic appliances with product samples, as well as the catalog of a thousand points – then one – four gigabytes.

Choose a tariff plan, that  always reserve 20-30% of disk space because you really need. Following the approval of the TOR for the development of a web site programmer to discuss the technology used, the required number of bases MySQL or PostgreSQL, the feasibility  of data encryption HTTPS, WAP / WML for conducting transactions and direct payments via the web interface.

Look at the prices in the last instance, select only paid hosting and those hosting providers are not without purpose, trust in a serious and well-known brands. Reliability and even such a trifle as unlimited traffic will always be guaranteed.

4 Signs That May Require a Dedicated Server

We have gathered some factors that may influence the purchase decision (or rent) a dedicated server . The main “symptoms” of this need are:

1. Your website has become so popular that its traffic is already beginning to “weigh” on your current server. If you want to control this situation, and always provide the best possible performance to its customers, a dedicated server is the best we can do for your business online.

2. You want a website that is as professional and attractive to potential customers. A major problem that may cause the visitor is your website design or have a look unprofessional and be slow in loading their pages. If your client does not feel confident to navigate through your website or if you have to wait forever to load pages, images and flash animations, it is very likely not be able to sell your product. It is also very likely that the same client from going to their competition.

3. Does your website need for improvements in hardware or software, such as disk space, bandwidth, specific programs to support their business, etc.. In a dedicated server will make these changes at your own pace and manner that best serve their needs.

4. Need a website with exceptional security measures such as private development projects, using the most advanced technology, systems or even ecommerce more advanced than those provided by your current company. Your customers may also require premium features that can not be met without the presence of a server itself.

In general not all can use a dedicated server due to its relatively high cost. However, you must be aware that this type of solution is the most advanced, it can provide the best experience for your visitors want to level of performance as well as the level of security and customization.

Data Storage Systems (Part IV)

When building a system backup and recovery solutions, it require two major tasks:

  • Reduction “backup windows (time stop applications – zero downtime);
  • Reducing traffic data backup and cost of computing resources.

In the first task while shutting down the application can be minimized by using special techniques, such as the creation of snapshots, the idle time is calculated in seconds. A “snapshot” of the state and recording the location data. With this information, the data can be restored in case of loss or damage.

To solve the second problem, you can switch the architecture by using SAN, then backup and data recovery can be arranged without the use of resources, local area network (off-grid backup), as well as dedicated servers (server-free backup). Thanks to this centralized data backup scheme which reduces the number of devices (tape drives, etc.) involved in this process.

  • For off-grid backup data from disk arrays shipped within SAN, Tape, connected directly to the storage network.

When we are copying data, it is moved from storage devices to tape without the direct involvement of servers – exchange data directly between storage devices inside SAN block-level data, but if necessary, may per-file revision recovery.

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Remarkable Development in the Web Hosting Industry

Since the web hosting services have launched, those people who were looking to increase their business world wide and those who wanted to earn money within minimum investment got a huge platform to make their dreams come true. At the start shared web hosting plans were in a great demand. As that time the technology was not so developed, people used to opt for shared hosting services.

When the new technologies started coming up, people in the web hosting industry implemented those new technologies for the betterment of the existing services. To provide maximum security and high-performance to the clients, they created a new form of web hosting which is now known as Dedicated Servers which is a remarkable development done by the web hosting industry.

Because of these new technologies, people in India can easily implement their new software and scripts on their dedicated servers. The dedicated web hosting services is generally preferred by the large organizations who requires complete privacy and total control over the server configuration and customization.

The dedicated hosting services in India is perfect for those enterprises, who don’t want to share their resources with another users and requires greater level of security. Normally, customers leases the dedicated servers as because they don’t have enough IT staff to handle the server and its issues. The dedicated servers are housed in a world class data centers fully equipped to face any kind of disasters or failure.

As due to the great demand of web hosting services in India, most of the web hosts have started providing dedicated server hosting india services. The dedicated hosting ensures that the clients gets a complete privacy, high security and the level of control they want. With dedicated servers, a user can host various kinds of software and applications, without contacting the web hosting company.

The dedicated server hosting simply means high-performance, higher reliability, greater level of security, stability and high availability.


Total Control With Dedicated Server Hosting India

Amongst the different types of website hosting forms Dedicated Server Hosting India is one of the popular hosting type which is in huge demand by medium sized businesses nowadays. Managed dedicated server hosting is rarely termed, and the businesses having such an hosting account can be much flexible in getting good services for their websites.

Basically, the account holders of dedicated server hosting gets more flexibility and control over their server and website aspects, as they are built with high-end hardware, it ensures that the client receives maximum performance from the server.

With the dedicated hosting service, the client can easily upload their website data with greater speed and have their website online within few minutes, once the DNS are set properly. The dedicated server allows a client to lease the entire system and is not shared with any other clients of the website hosting provider.

Such dedicated servers providers hosts only yours website which provides a high network connectivity and greater security to the user. Many of the medium sized growing businesses hesitate to opt for such services, just because they think that leasing a dedicated server can be much troublemaker. They think the server needs to be housed and managed personally.

However, the truth is completely different from what they think. Almost all servers leased by clients are housed in the premises of the website hosting company and are managed by a team of experts, which are dedicated to handle the server and its issues.

A company can choose even a shared hosting plan, but in my personal opinion, a company should choose a web hosting considering the future growth of their business. Once the website grows rapidly and traffic flow is high then Dedicated Servers are the only ultimate options to switch.