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ESDS Software solutions specializes in providing reliable and affordable dedicated servers for all organizations, small or large.

Our dedicated servers are available for every budget.

If you have higher demands such as cluster of servers dedicated to customized, please contact us via Live Chat, ticket system, email or phone.

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Some of the reasons why you should choose our servers and other products:

guaranteeMultiple operating systems to choose: Linux or Windows
Our servers are hosted in our own data center
Fully Managed Server
Network Uptime SLA
24×7 Quality Customer Support / Ultra-fast responses
Solid infrastructure

We operate our own infrastructure redundancy (multiple 1Gbps links).

Backup of data is very important, so we offer daily backups.


arena list of experts

If you have just started or if you are an accomplished player, perhaps you want to know what is the general opinion about the classes of the players themselves and also know if there is a tier list defined to indicate which are the best characters. We have prepared this small guide that will help you to know AFK Arena Tier List at this moment.

AFK Arena Best Heroes

As in this type of games, the developers try to maintain a balance between all the characters, but there are always some who manage to be more powerful. It is necessary to emphasize that in this case it depends a lot on the own player, of what is his way of playing and his preferences at the time of choosing the best heroes of AFK Arena .

Despite that, we can highlight some characters as real beasts of the game. For example, we like Nemora very much , which has some absolutely ridiculous statistics like a tank but that in turn does not pale too much in defense and has good health. If you can try Nemora, you will not regret it and for us it is one of the best characters in the game.